DUI DDS ALS Hearing in Georgia

You may lose your driving privileges in two separate hearings in Georgia – the DUI criminal court hearing and the DDS automatic license suspension hearing. Upon being arrested for a DUI or refusing to receive a chemical BAC test, your driver’s license may be automatically revoked by the arresting officer. The outcome of the case […]

2023 Georgia Marijuana Laws FAQ

Does Georgia allow the use of recreational marijuana? In Georgia, recreational marijuana remains illegal, and its possession or use is subject to strict regulations, with penalties for even minor possession. What do Georgia’s marijuana penalties entail? An individual found in possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana (outside of cities where it’s decriminalized) may […]

The Three Elements of Robbery in Georgia

What Does Robbery Mean According to Georgia Law? In Georgia, robbery is defined as an intentional act of theft by a person who takes another’s property either directly from them or in their presence. Key Elements of Robbery Consequences of Robbery Charge In Georgia, Robbery is a severe felony. If found guilty, you could face […]

Georgia Pretrial Diversion Program

First Time Arrest? You May Qualify For Pretrial Diversion Pretrial diversion programs are given as a means to divert harsher punishments if it’s your first time being arrested for an offense. There are some charges that may prevent you from qualifying for diversion. How Do You Qualify For Pretrial Diversion? Pretrial diversion programs fall under O.C.G.A. […]

Nolle Prosequi

Nolle prosequi means that when there is insufficient evidence in a case to prove the defendant guilty then the court can suspend the charges against the defendant.

Georgia Robbery Law

What Is the Definition of Robbery and Examples? Georgia law defines robbery in O.C.G.A. § 16-8-40 that a person commits the criminal offense of robbery when a person has intent to commit theft and takes the property of another person either from them or in front of another person: 1) Robbery by Use of Force Robbery by use […]

Georgia’s Failure to Maintain Lane

A citation concerning failure to maintain lane is one of the most common citations in Georgia. Whether you happen to be charged with DUI or a drug-related charge, failure to maintain lane is one of the most seen traffic offenses an officer will cite while writing a ticket. It’s commonly assumed by Georgia citizens that […]

How to Beat a Drug Trafficking Charge in Georgia

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How is Drug Trafficking Legally Defined? In Georgia, drug trafficking charges arise from allegations that an individual possesses, sells, distributes, or manufactures a substantial quantity of illegal drugs. The key distinction between drug trafficking and other drug-related offenses, such as drug possession, distribution, or manufacturing, lies in the quantity of drugs involved in the crime. […]

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do? 9 Points

What Does a Criminal Defense Lawyer Do? Criminal defense lawyers defend, speak for, and investigates on behalf of the client during a criminal case. Here are 9 important and explainations of a criminal defense lawyer. 1.) Attorney Assignment of the Criminal Case A criminal defense lawyer may be contacted directly by the defendant or may […]