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The Three Elements of Robbery in Georgia

What Is the Definition of Robbery? The Georgia law defines robbery when a person has intent to commit theft and takes the property of another person either from them or in front of another person. Three Elements of Robbery 1) Robbery by Use of Force Robbery by use of force is committed when a person uses Read more…

Georgia Pretrial Diversion Program

First Time Arrest? You May Qualify For Pretrial Diversion Pretrial diversion programs are given as a means to divert harsher punishments if it’s your first time being arrested for an offense. There are some charges that may prevent you from qualifying for diversion. How Do You Qualify For Pretrial Diversion? Pretrial diversion programs fall under O.C.G.A. Read more…

Nolle Prosequi

Nolle prosequi means that when there is insufficient evidence in a case to prove the defendant guilty then the court can suspend the charges against the defendant.