State Bar Attorney Directories

Many of the attorney directories managed by the state bar or the state bar association allows you to find a lawyer in that jurisdiction. Since the information is managed by the state, the license information on the attorney’s bar profile page is the most verifible. In some cases you can find discpline records on lawyers through these pages.

For bar associations that manage their own lawyer directory, you can find a list of every attorney licensed in that state. You can also search for the attorney by their name, practice area, geographical location or bar number.

Members can log in to the portal of their bar association’s attorney directory to update their contact information, address, or phone number. 

Many of these bar directories also have “find a lawyer” features.

Attorney Directories by State Bar Associations:

This is a comprehensive list of online attorney directories maintained by the different bar associations or disciplinary boards in each state in the United States.

Supreme Court Counsel Directory:

The website for the Supreme Court of the United States maintains a directory of counsel listings which identifies all Supreme Court bar members who participated in a particular case argued before the Court.

This Information is listed for the cases argued during the indicated Term, the U. S. Reports, volume and part number for the particular preliminary print in which the cases will appear. 

This list includes the docket number, name, and date of the argument of each case. The directory identifies the attorney who argued a specific case and specifies each attorney whose name appears on a brief on the merits if he or she was a member of the Court’s Bar at the time the case was argued.