Top Lawyer Directories (4 Metrics)

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See top lawyer directories and metrics such as their backlinks, authority score, referring domains, and estimated monthly organic visitors. The authority score is a Semrush measure of the impact of a webpage or domain link (think “link juice power”) using factors such as the number and quality of its backlinks, spam factors, and organic traffic.

Here are the top lawyer directories

Lawyer DirectoryAuthority ScoreBacklinksReferring DomainsEstimated Monthly Organic VisitsType of PlansCost (Tim Stanley)7144.6M130K3.8MFree & Paid Plan$19.99/month (Internet Brands)5057.1M62.2k165KFree & Paid Plan$125/month (Thomson Reuters)515.4M35.3K234KFree & Paid$1,774.8/year (Public Company)63757.8K40.6K1.8MPaid$3,324/year (Internet Brands)481.8M36.3K103KPaid (Internet Brands)454.3M35.6K300KPaid (Anna Ostrovsky, Dmitri Shubov)51521K20.8K374K$455 a month
bestlawyers.com473.2M13.4K103KPaid$200 Badges starting at $650
U.S. News Lawyer Directory90134K4.2K4.5KPaid$30/month
FindLaw (Thomson Reuters)6858.4M142K2.5M$158/month – Leads: $10-100 -Website: $250 to $5,000 per month (Thomson Reuters)473.4M16.9K169.8KPaid$40 per/month profile link (Internet Brands)624.2M73.8K1.1MPaid$750/year
HG.org51599.3K31.5K250.6KFree & Paid$195/year
*Metrics Updated 2023

Here are top-rated niche lawyer directories. Niche lawyer directories often include free plans,

Niche Lawyer Directories

Lawyer DirectoryAuthority ScoreBacklinksStarting PriceStarting Price
LawyerLegion.com3079.3K$49Free & Paid
LawLink.com2566KFree (+ Guest Article Submissions)
Justgreatlawyers.com3127.2K$19.99/monthFree & Paid
Reliaguide.com2914.6K$8/monthFree & Paid (Only in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Nebraska)
*Metrics Updated 2023

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